DTM test (Ingliz tili)
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1. Choose the correct answer.
Every time I .... a sandcastle, the waves came in and washed it away.
A) finish B) finished C) am finishing D) have finished
2. Choose the correct answer.
For five generations, members of my family ... doctors.
A) is B) have been C) are D) been
3.Choose the correct answer.
I ... the garden but I can’t find the spade.
A) am digging  B) was going to dig C) dug D) has dug
4. Choose the correct answer.
Helen ... marry him if she wanted to.
A) must B) could  C) can  D) need
5. Choose the correct answer.
When he needed extra money, he . . . work overtime.
A) would  B) should C) must D) can
6. Choose the correct answer.
We ... meet Jack tomorrow. You ... to him of the matter long ego. Why keep him in the dark?
A) should, must have spoken
B) have to, may speak
C) are to, should have spoken
D) might, need to speak
7. Choose the correct answer.
A vacancy for an office manager ... in the newspaper last week.
A) advertised B) was advertised C) advertise
D) had been advertised
8.Choose the correct answer.
This is a matter of great urgency. It ... as soon as possible.
A) must discussed B) must discuss C) must be discussed
D) must be discussing
9.Choose the correct answer.
He felt he ... badly by his best friend.
A) let down B) is letting down C) was letting down
D) was let down
10. Choose the correct answer.
It takes a long time to write a novel even if you ... hard. And then you have to get it ... .
A)            will work / publish B) work / published
C)           worked / publish  D) work / to publish
11. Choose the correct answer.
A:I wish I ... your gift for languages.
B:I ... it a gift. Where there's a will, there's a way, you know.
A)            have/shan't call
B)            would have/won't call
C)           shall have/don't call
D)           had/shouldn't call
12. Choose the correct answer.
... a lot of fish, if it doesn't rain?
A) There will be B) Will there be C) Will it be
D) There has been
13. Choose the correct answer.
A:It's almost dinner time, and you haven't eaten since breakfast. Aren't you hungry?
B:... . I'm dying of hunger. Let's go to eat.
A) Yes, I was.  B) Yes, I am.  C) No, I won't.
D) No, I wasn't.
14. Choose the correct answer.
Vicky: I'm hungry. I haven't eaten anything all day.
Daniel: ... .I didn't have time for breakfast.
A) So am I B) Neither have I  C) I didn't either
D) I too
15.Choose the correct answer.
She says, "I'll be grateful if you come" She says . . .
A)            she will be grateful if I come
B)            she will be grateful if you come
C)           she would be grateful if I come
D)           he would be grateful if I come
16. Choose the correct answer.
My friend asked me why . . . late after my history class the day before.
A) did I stay B) I had stayed  C) I stayed D) I stay
17.Choose the correct answer.
They want their ... to become a surgeon. They don't even think that she can be against it.
A) sixteen years old girl  B) sixteen-years girl
C) sixteen-year-old girl D) a sixteen-year-aged girl
18. Choose the correct answer.
Suddenly she burst out crying with the words "I can't go on . . . my best years making soups and porridges for him".
A) wasting B) waste C) to waste D) wasted
19. Choose the correct answer.
You can clean your windows with wet newspaper . . . them really shine.
A) to make B) be making C) madeD) to be made
20.Choose the correct answer.
Square dancing is a traditional folk dance in the United States. We all had a lot of fun . . .to square dance at the party.
A) learnt  B) learning C) to learn D) learn
21. Choose the correct answer.
Choose the correct answer. Victor felt sleepy and tired. 'All I need is . . . cup of coffee', he said to himself, 'with sugar'.
A) a B) an C) the D) -
22. Choose the correct answer.
The Earth is the fifth largest planet in our . . . solar system and the third planet from the sun.
A) a  B) the C) an D) -
23. Choose the correct answer.
In the heart of . . . Central Asia is Khoresm, ... small fertile area in the sea of sand.
A) the / a  B) a / the C) - / a D) the / -
24.Choose the right answer.
Annie felt tired when she was coming home from the store because the bag of groceries . . . too heavy for her to carry.
A) was  B) were C) are D) is
25. Choose the correct answer.
Most women live longer than men. . . . have an average life expectancy of 77 years.
A) They B) Them C) She D) He
26.Choose the correct answer.
The day care center was established to take care of children . . . parents work during the day.
 A) who  B) which C) what D) whose
27.Choose the correct answer.
They covered . . . three miles and came to a point where they couldn't see any vegetation: . . . was covered with snow.
A) other / each
B) another / everything
C) another / each
D) other / everything
28. Choose the correct answer.
Since Indians in the high Andes Mountains live in thin air, their hearts grow to be . . . than an average size.
A) larger
B) large
C) the largest
D) largely
29. Choose the correct answer.
Your car is the same make . . . mine.
A) than B) as C) then D) from
30.Choose the correct answer.
The president ... Uzbekistan pays great attention ... the education of the youth.
A) in/of
B) of/to
C) to/to
D) to/of
31. Choose the correct answer.
The travellers set out . . .sunrise.
A) on
B) at
C) in
D) for
32. Choose the correct answer.
There was complete silence ... the sound of the birds.
A) besides
B) except for
C) beside
D) apart
33. Choose the correct answer.
The boss didn't believe that her absence was ...  illness.
A) due to
B) in order to
C) but for
D) lest
34. Choose the correct answer.
Swiss watches are known for their ...
A) accurate
B) accuracy
C) accute
D) accurment
35. Choose the sentence expressing the main idea of the text.
During the performance a man in the pit was much annoyed by a young couple next to him who kept on whispering. "Excuse me, sir", he said, "but I can't hear a word that is being said." "I like that!" exclaimed the talkative young man". It is no business of yours, sir, what I am telling my wife."
A)            The man didn't like the play.
B)            The young man was very talkative.
C)           The young man got angry.
D)           The young man didn't understand what the man meant.
36. What is the main topic of the passage?
Some animals are protected by their colour. Deer is the colours of the bark and lives in the woodland environment. Snakes and lizards are the colours ofthe desert. Their predators have a hard time seeing them. Some animals smell bad for protection. Some animals run fast. Some animals have special skins. Porcupines have sharp needles to keep other animals away. Turtles have hard shells.
A)            Different animals
B)            Animals and their colours
C)           The predators
D)           Animals protect themselves 
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